Autumn is the time of year when the days start to get shorter, the leaves begin to change, and we harvest what was grown over the summer months. It is a time when we begin to hunker down and prepare for the long, cold winter.

I was born in the summer, but for me, autumn is when I come to life. Fall in New England is magical, and I feel a jolt of happiness when I start to see the first pop of red in leaves, feel the crisp cold in the night air, and the twelve-foot skeletons return to Home Depot to tempt me.

Over the summer, I visited Baldwin Hill Conservation Cemetery in Fayette, Maine, to get inspiration for our future Valley Conservation Cemetery. I tell people often how excited I am for Massachusetts to have our own conservation burial ground, open to all, but that we haven’t quite found that perfect piece of land yet: the one that has the right soil, is affordable, offers enough space to serve our needs…in short, a place that sings.

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GBM Newsletter: Fall Equinox 2023
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