“Green Burial: Reclaiming a Dying Tradition”

Event sponsored by Nauset Fellowship, Eastham, MA

For some people, a green burial is their culminating environmentally sensitive act. While many cemeteries do not yet allow it, green burials are legal in Massachusetts. Join Sophia Sayigh, Director of Green Burial Massachusetts, to learn about options available here on the Cape. She will talk about your rights, the laws, logistics, and provide practical information to accomplish natural death care, a component of Green Burial disposition. All are welcome!

Sophia Sayigh was drawn to the idea of returning to the earth as naturally as possible as soon as she found out about it ten years ago, and immediately organized a well-attended GBM information night at her local library to spread the word. A former librarian and lay breastfeeding counselor, she currently volunteers for AHEM, a homeschool advocacy nonprofit, and is a member of the Brewster Cemetery Commission.

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“Green Burial: Reclaiming a Dying Tradition”
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