Proponents call green burials an environmentally friendly choice

By Erin Murray, Spectrum News, October 25, 2022

TRINITY, Fla. — On the Heartwood Preserve, the budding essence of new life is visible in every direction.

Growing grasses, budding flowers, and even buzzing insects can be seen across the property. But those who come to this place of peace, are here because of death.

“We had a simple pine casket — the grave was hand dug, they lowered him down with ropes, and they put all the dirt back, so it was a big mound," said Dennis Shelt Jr. of his father's burial. "Just since February, it’s gone down so much."

Shelt's father is buried on the Heartwood Preserve in a grave surrounded by wire grass and Florida wildflowers. Read more>>

Posted: to Green Burial in the News on Mon, Oct 31, 2022
Updated: Mon, Oct 31, 2022