Funeral Ethics Organization

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Ethical dealings respect the feelings and emotions of the bereaved, provide respect to the deceased's body, and refrain from taking economic advantage of consumers making funeral or memorial purchases.

FEO's mission is to promote ethical dealings in all death-related transactions by working for better understanding of ethical issues among funeral, cemetery, memorial industry practitioners, law enforcement, organ procurement organizations, and state agencies, as well as better understanding between these and the general public.

FEO will be a resource for:

  • Consumers
  • Funeral industry members
  • Organ and tissue procurement agencies and willed body programs
  • Law enforcement
  • Media
  • Legislators.

FEO will:

  • Develop and promote a funeral ethics textbook
  • Research industry trends
  • Study consumer behavior
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter
  • Develop a consumer rights pamphlet and urge states to require monument dealers, casket and vault sellers, cemeterians, funeral directors, direct disposition services, and preneed sales people to distribute it prior to any sales discussion
  • Disseminate the consumer rights pamphlet to Agencies on Aging, hospice groups, libraries, law enforcement, medical examiners and coroners
  • Support state and national legislation to improve funeral consumer protection
  • Advocate for licensing and disciplinary standards
  • Develop continuing education courses that will challenge common thinking and help funeral providers to serve the varied needs of an increasingly diverse public
  • Distribute, by self-syndication, a funeral advice column
  • Investigate abusive practices
  • Provide mediation assistance to resolve complaints