How to Dig a Grave

From Atlas Obscura Director of Video Chris Naka

What is it like to get down into the dirt and actually carve out a human body’s final resting place? Atlas Obscura Director of Video Chris Naka decided to find out, with help from Ed Bixby, owner and operator of Steelmantown Cemetery in Woodbine, New Jersey.

You won’t find a cemetery in Massachusetts that allows a friend or family member to dig a grave, however, we appreciate this Atlas Obscura video for the detail it provides from measuring and marking the grave to the arduous digging. The soils of Woodbine, New Jersey as seen in this video are similar to what one might find on the Cape and the Islands of Massachusetts.

NOTE: This grave was dug for the purpose of making the video. It was not being dug for an actual burial.

How to Dig a Grave
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