Natural Burials Symposium

Thu, February 08, 2018 9:30AM to 3:00PM (Eastern)
Plymouth, MA
Chiltonville Congregational Church
Invitation to a funeral—a funeral within a forest:

We are burying the 20th century conventions of death and dying in Massachusetts and at the same time uncovering or rediscovering the timeless concepts of death with dignity, a natural part of life.

Explore with us the value of a home funeral and how a purposeful ceremony can result in a healing and enriching experience for family and loved ones. Come realize what a forest resting place might offer….

Our goal of establishing natural cemeteries in this region and beyond can help preserve our precious lands for future generations as well as make available a meaningful and caring end of life experience.

Join us at the Chiltonville Congregational Church, 6 River Street, Plymouth, MA.  for a day-long conversation about how to make natural burials a reality.

This symposium will cover a range of topics:

  • Dying at home and natural deathcare
  • History of burial practices
  • Massachusetts laws regarding burials
  • The science of soils and decompostion
  • Different facets of burial options
  • Conservation potential

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204 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, Mass. 02360

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