Going Back Means Giving Back

what is green burial? A green burial is one in which the body is not embalmed.  The burial container is made of biodegradable materials (soft wood, cardboard, wicker) or the body is wrapped in a shroud. There is no vault or cement grave liner, rather, the container or body is placed directly on the soil to biodegrade naturally. A headstone, if used, is fieldstone or made from indigenous material. Often times, families & friends choose to plant trees to mark the spot where their loved one has been laid to rest.

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is green burial legal? yes. A Massachusetts state law does not require a grave liner or vault. Cemeteries develop their own rules and regulations about the kind of burial that is allowable in their cemetery.

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where can i have a green burial in massachusetts? Many cemeteries in Massachusetts don’t yet allow green burial. We are developing a list of those that do.

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